Francis Odhiambo Omungo

CItizen Foresters

Citizen foresters are part of a worldwide movement to restore a healthy green environment—starting with the trees right where we live.

Producer Wendy Pollock and I made these videos in 2013–16 as part of a media project called The Truth About Trees, which was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. 

Kemba Shakur

"You start today, you work with others, and you never give up. That's why it helps to have gardens and trees. Because they persist."
– Karen Roothaan
South Side, Chicago Treekeeper

Cheryl Blaylock

Rosalyn LaPier

Marcus Webster

Mike Walsh

"Trees have the power to turn an area that was once a spot of bloodshed or drug-use into a community orchard and meeting place. I believe that trees can restore the 'neighbor' back to the 'hood.'"
– Xavier Brown
Washington, D.C., Casey Trees Treekeeper

Gordon Matassa

Karen Roothaan