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Co-author of a book about insights and lessons from journalism's technological transformation
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Co-founder and Founding Editorial Director from 2015 – 2019
The Big Roundtable
Founding Publisher of The Big Roundtable (recently renamed The Delacorte Review)
Washington City Paper
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“It’s Not That I Want to Die. It’s That I Want to Control My Own Suffering.”
[Washington City Paper | July 24, 2015]

Traditional American Funerals Are Dead – But Not Buried
[Al Jazeera America | March 12, 2015]

The Killer Fog That United Labor and Environmentalists
[The New Republic | September 19, 2014]

Hackers Conference Celebrates One of the Oldest Tricks in the Book: Picking Locks
[The Washington Post | July 26, 2014] 

[The Big Roundtable, archived at | July 8, 2013]
Who Were the Montford Point Marines
[JSTOR Daily | June 26, 2019]
She Swallowed Hard, Shed Some Tears
[The War Horse | September 11, 2016]

Bob’s Birders Swoop Into Central Park for a Glimpse at Rare Birds
[The Village Voice | February 12, 2016]

The History of the Euthanasia Movement
[JSTOR Daily | January 6, 2016]
World leaders call for end of United Nations veto power
[The Jerusalem Post | September 28, 2014]

US accuses Abbas of ‘counterproductive’ UN speech
[The Jerusalem Post | September 27, 2014]

Abbas denounces ‘genocidal’ Israel, urges UN to back timetable for Palestinian statehood
[The Jerusalem Post | September 26, 2014]

If Obama Agrees the U.S. Is Causing Global Climate Change, Then Why Is He Letting Other Countries Foot the Bill?
[The New Republic | September 25, 2014]

Turkish president criticizes UN for failure to act in global crises
[The Jerusalem Post | September 24, 2014]

Time to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks based on Arab Initiative, Jordan’s King Abdullah tells UN
[The Jerusalem Post | September 24, 2014]

Egypt’s Sisi tells UN General Assembly: Palestinian issue still a priority
[The Jerusalem Post | September 24, 2014]

Abbas in NY: We have all made mistakes
[The Jerusalem Post | September 24, 2014]

Peretz calls upon Ban Ki-Moon to form multinational Mid East climate team
[The Jerusalem Post | September 23, 2014]

Ban Ki-moon to address UN Climate Summit, set the groundwork for global climate action agreement
[The Jerusalem Post | September 21, 2014]

UN Security Council unanimously declares Ebola outbreak ‘threat to international peace’
[The Jerusalem Post | September 20, 2014]

The Killer Fog That United Labor and Environmentalists
[The New Republic | September 19, 2014]

Volunteers help put faces to Holocaust victim names
[The Jerusalem Post | September 13, 2014]

US war against Islamic State casts eery pall over 9/11 remembrance
[The Jerusalem Post | September 13, 2014]

PLO’s Ashrawi tells UN it will take Israel to ICC within 3 years
[The Jerusalem Post | September 3, 2014]

With passing of time, a question of identity
[The Jerusalem Post | August 31, 2014]

Iconic Entenmann’s factory set to shut down in NY
[The Jerusalem Post | August 29, 2014]

UN resolution to follow apparent success of Egyptian mediation efforts
[The Jerusalem Post | August 28, 2014]

Coat of many colors: US Jewish leaders divided on Gaza truce
[The Jerusalem Post | August 28, 2014]

UN waits for Cairo cease-fire details before going forward with resolution
[The Jerusalem Post | August 27, 2014]

Council of Jewish Women backs call to probe UNRWA for actions during Gaza crisis
[The Jerusalem Post | August 27, 2014]

US, Europeans preparing draft for Security Council resolution on Gaza
[The Jerusalem Post | August 24, 2014]

Amman asks Security Council members to pass cease-fire resolution
[The Jerusalem Post | August 21, 2014]

A lone soldier makes aliya
[The Jerusalem Post | August 10, 2014]

US college campuses debate Middle East conflict
[The Jerusalem Post | August 9, 2014]

UN General Assembly slams Israel and Hamas for fighting, mourns the humanitarian conditions
[The Jerusalem Post | August 6, 2014]

UN says Israel’s use of force against Hamas is disproportionate
[The Jerusalem Post | July 31, 2014]

9 young Jews arrested at NYC anti-Israel protest
[The Jerusalem Post | July 30, 2014]

US politicians blast Hamas at New York rally
[The Jerusalem Post | July 29, 2014]

In the US, the conflict is waged in the stores
[The Jerusalem Post | July 27, 2014]

Artists 4 Israel set up easels in Greenwich Village
[The Jerusalem Post | July 27, 2014]

Security Council meeting on the Middle East, including the Palestinian question
[The Jerusalem Post | July 23, 2014]

Even war couldn’t keep the North American olim away
[The Jerusalem Post | July 22, 2014]

New York stands with Israel at 92 St.‘Y’
[The Jerusalem Post | July 22, 2014]

The Unknown Master of Color Photography
[The New Republic | July 1, 2014]

Michael Jackson’s Personal Photographer Remembers How They Met
[The New Republic | June 29, 2014]

The Rise and Fall of Apartheid in Pictures
[The New Republic | June 26, 2014]

Hackers conference celebrates one of the oldest tricks in the book: Picking locks
[The Washington Post | July 26, 2014]

Watch a story ‘come to life:’ The Big Roundtable’s new Open Rehearsal project
[Nieman Storyboard | June 12, 2014]

Harlem’s Apollo Theater historian looks back at 80 years of music
[Reuters | June 11, 2014]

9/11 Memorial Museum opens to public in N.Y.
[The Washington Post | May 22, 2014]

9/11 Memorial Museum opens to public, as special flag is unfurled
[The Washington Post | May 21, 2014]

New York City gas explosion subject of federal probe
[Reuters | March 13, 2014]

Business start-up Oyster aims to make ‘digital books fantastic in their own right’
[The Washington Post | March 11, 2014]

Congress wants delay in selling of historic post offices until federal report is completed
[The Washington Post | January 20, 2014]

Holder and Donovan join New York police commissioner to discuss collaboration
[The Washington Post | January 16, 2014]
Murder on the B46: Three Years Gone 
[The Brooklyn Ink | December 20, 2011]

Journalism Startups

The War Horse

Co-founder + Editorial Director
2015 – 2019
The War Horse
I'm the co-founder and was the editorial director of The War Horse, a publication dedicated to finding and publishing stories of the human consequences of post-9/11 conflicts. I set the tone, tenor, and spirit of the publication by virtue of the writers I chose to work with and the candor and bravery that I demanded from each story.

As The War Horse's top editor, I cultivated relationships with and developed writers, most of whom are post-9/11 veterans or active-duty service members and their families, and guided them in telling hard true stories unsparingly and in a way that was accessible to civilians with no prior knowledge of the military experience. The first-person stories I cultivated more often than not grappled with post-traumatic stress and moral injury.

I oversaw all contributors, including our copy editor and social media coordinator, and acted as the publication's copywriter, ensuring that all editorial products and fundraising documents had a consistent style. 

The Big Roundtable

Founding Publisher
2012 – 2016
(Renamed The Delacorte Review in 2018)
The Big Roundtable
As the founding publisher of The Big Roundtable, I oversaw the publication's visual design and aesthetic branding and worked in tandem with the founder to ensure that the publication would have a place in the journalism world long after the post-digital revolution longform journalism bubble of the early 2010s had burst. We went back to the very foundations of why humans tell each other stories, and how we keep our listeners and readers engaged. Every Big Roundtable story had to qualify has a "yarn" — to hook the reader from the first sentence to the last. 

The Big Roundtable, renamed The Delacorte Review after Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism acquired the publication in 2018, is a teaching tool. Whether cubs or veterans, journalists were treated to an exceptionally patient editing experience, one informed by curiosity and a determination to help the writer to find and tell the absolute best story. Unlike other publications, The Big Roundtable had a flexible publication schedule, giving the writer and editor the freedom to publish when and only when the story was "there."

Our editor, a master of the craft, and founder, a decades-long journalist and tenured professor at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, taught me to edit from the seed of an idea for a story through the final edit. 

Tales From the Great Disruption

How have recent technological transformations changed journalism?

The people who fuel our civic conversation—reporters, writers, storytellers—have been asking each other that question a lot lately. So have people who consume their work. Both agree: Waves of technological change have greatly altered the news. How, exactly? Hard to say.

This book grew out of reporting I did during my research fellowship at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism.
Michael Shapiro, Anna Hiatt, and Mike Hoyt

Big Roundtable Books

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